Imperial Views, Colonial Subjects: Victorian Periodicals and the Empire

See Images from an Exhibition Sterling Memorial LibraryYale University August – October 1999.

Not all these come from that exhibition. I grew up reading old bound copies of the Boys Own Paper and Chums. This post is inspired by Good luck, Davo.


The Illuminated Magazine (vol. II) January 1844


Allan M. Taylor. “The Chums: An Australian Sketch,” The Boy’s Own Paper (vol. XI, no. 419) January 22, 1887.

Stanley Wood 001

Stanley Wood was a prolific illustrator of British newsmagazines during the Great War. His style appears to have a lot in common with later pulp fiction novel covers and comic book covers. It is quite hectic and full of dramatically moving people with exagerrated facial expressions.”


Worse than *stranger danger*! Shirtless for Empire in the Boys Own Paper.