This blog until recently was just an archive. Now I am using it to post in a more systematic way some of my best family history and memory posts. Enjoy.

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It’s 1944 or 1945: in the foreground my sister, myself — on the left with eyes down and a curly head — and my cousin, with my mother (or Aunt Beth); my brother is lurking in the background. Pic taken, I think, to send to my father in Papua at the time.


What’s here


The pages on this site come from a number of my blogs. They reflect quite a bit of my life, background, and interests. Do explore them. Aside from the lists below, you will see all the pages listed in the side bar.

The posts continue a project begun as Floating Life Sans Words.


Contact me

book06 This sends me an email. 🙂



About pages

book06 Surry Hills


book06Who’s who



Family history and stories

book06About the Whitfields: from convict days


  • Loss: continues the story with reminiscences from my mother carrying it to World War 2 and beyond.
  • Family pictures
  • Wandering Willie’s Tales lists everywhere I have lived and tells of my childhood in Auburn Street Sutherland.


book06My mother’s story — mostly in her own words.



book06About the Christisons: my mother’s family.


book06A Guringai Family Story — Warren Whitfield — written by Warren: The family concerned is Warren’s mother’s family, related to me only by marriage.

Friends and acquaintances


book06The Rabbit takes me time travelling revisits Auburn Street fifty years later in the company of a friend.


book06The Bard, A Rabbit, and Ninglun: several years of Shakespeare plays with a good companion.


book06Remembering Neos: a project with friends in the early 1980s. Neos was a magazine for young writers.


book06Lord Malcolm, aka Malcolm Gleeson, was a great friend who passed away in 2007. This page has some pics from a picnic in 2005.




book06When Snow Drifts Melt — a story I wrote between 1983 and 1989 which reflects much reality.


book06Marie: a poem


book06An essay on literacy from UTS 1998


book06My adventures with a Japanese Backpacker learning English (and more) in 1998


book06Old blog entries from pre-Internet 1999 through to 2004.


book06Blogging Olympic Year 2000 — as seen from Surry Hills.


book06A controversy I was caught up in during 2002.


book06A feature article I wrote for The South Sydney Herald in 2007.


book06My Teachers


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