Memorabilia 9: RAAF in World War II – documents 2

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What an incredible time that must have been, when you think about it, and what a set of problems it must have presented, so much having changed in the years since 1939. As well as the return of all these people in 1945-6 the Chifley government was also putting in place the post-war immigration scheme which totally transformed much of the country. See A Concise History of Australia by Stuart Macintyre for an overview.

memorabilia 8: RAAF in World War II – documents 1

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1942: not the best year of the war for Australia, but a turning point. This document, in a rather advanced state of decay, falls between the bombing of Darwin and Broome and the Battle of the Coral Sea. My father was still at Richmond Air Force Base at this time. The concern here is improving salvage procedures for wrecked aircraft, a rather vital matter at the time. My father had a few ideas, some of which, I believe, were adopted. This is of course just a tiny part of the history of that time. But he was proud of it, and rightly so, I would say, though I confess to turning off when he tried to tell me about it when I was a teenager…