2a — Irish again – new light on Jacob Whitfield’s 1820 crime?

A good example of how our family historians Bob Starling and Stuart Daniels are still adding to our knowledge. Recent family history research has William Whitfield aged 10 on arrival in the colony, as indeed he is in the “Thames” passenger list. Also, it appears Jacob Whitfield’s first wife, Mary, was Goss not Gowrie. Posted originally […]

Looking back on “Looking for Jacob” – and Surry Hills 1900

… and why would I like a “Time Team” dig around it? It runs from Wentworth Avenue Surry Hills to Foy Lane, where I took this photo… See :-Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 12: Zeroing in That was posted on my new photoblog earlier this week. You will recall that we “found” Jacob, my convict […]