4 – 1835 again

Posted originally on January 12, 2015

Though this time there is nothing about my family. It is just that I have found a wealth of fascinating information (and trivia) about the period.


Some might see that story as prefiguring a legendary Aussie attitude to work. Sydney Herald,  Monday 12 January 1835.


William IV

Geo St 1835 1974 Annual Rpt

George and Bridge Streets, Sydney – 1835

There is a fascinating compilation about 1835 in the Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite and the  late Izzy Foreal’s pages on Melinda Kendall. See also IN THIS YEAR – 1835. It appears Basil and Melinda Kendall were married at the Second Scots Church , Sydney. Rev John McGarvie officiating, just as my great-great grandfather William Whitfield was in 1836.

And very locally I knew little about this: Battle of Fairy Meadow 1830.

When interviewed by Archibald Campbell in 1897, Martin Lynch – who had arrived in the Illawarra in 1827 – described the Battle of Fairy Meadow – a tribal encounter which took place around 1830 between the Illawarra and Bong Bong Aborigines. The location was Fairy Meadow, just north of Wollongong. Lynch also included an account in a later letter to Mr Campbell. Both accounts are reproduced below – the first as recorded by Campbell in the original 1897 meeting with Lynch, and the second from the letter written by Lynch in 1898. These are the only extant records of the conflict.

On a larger scale 1835 is worth reviewing. The voyage of the “Beagle”, Charles Darwin aboard, happened; they called in at Port Jackson and Darwin had a look at the Blue Mountains.

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