18 – Christisons 1895

Posted originally on February 3, 2015 by Neil

This series of posts is the most comprehensive I have done on family history. I am doing them backwards here so that in due course they will appear sequentially.

The late1880s and 1890s were full of drama for my maternal great-grandparents.

John Hampton Christison

You may recall we last saw him as, among other things, a pioneer vigneron in the Hunter Valley. Until 1889:article18975304-4-003

John H and his wife and young family (including my grandfather Roy aged about 3) had hotfooted it back to J H’s homeland:


There is by the way a wonderful family story that on the way to or from Scotland – I forget which – my grandfather Roy was washed overboard but then washed back by the next wave! But especially for my great-grandmother Sophia Jane, Scotland ended in tears – and eventually divorce (1892). Given J H’s rather cavalier attitude to paying bills, the 1890s for Sophia Jane and her children were hard indeed – not to mention the fact J H kidnapped my grandfather Roy and his brother David at one point.




Mind you J H was back in business before you could say “etiquette”! From the Singleton Argus, 5 October 1895.


Finally, the voice of the man himself in a letter to the editor from The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser Thursday 19 May 1887:


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