27: 1925 – Christisons 1

Posted originally on February 24, 2015 by Neil

This series of posts is the most comprehensive I have done on family history. I am doing them backwards here so that in due course they will appear sequentially.

There is such a trove on Trove! By way of background, see More tales from my mother 3 — Braefield NSW 1916-1923, Jean Christison to her grandmother — an undated letter from Braefield, More tales from my mother 4 — Dunolly NSW — and conclusions.

I am not sure but think this is probably Braefield


13 September 1920

And here is Harry Hamilton.

A few years later my great-grandfather John Hampton Christison died. There are touches of legend in his obituary. By 1923 he was estranged from my grandfather Roy’s family. See John H Christison. See also Ray Hampton Christison, Shapeshifter : the strange life of John Hampton Christison, Professor of Dancing 1858 to 1923It is excellent.


Moving forward to 1926 I find my mother writing in the children’s section of The Sydney Mail, something she continued to do through the 1920s. (A fellow scribe there was one Judith Wright!)


I see my uncle Neil is now with the family – and referred to as Neil, not Nelson.


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