Memorabilia 15: 1959 — or thereabouts

Watching the episode on Compass tonight on the Billy Graham Crusade of 1959 — yes I was there and may post something on Floating Life soon — really took me back fifty years!

My Leaving Certificate 1959

My Leaving Certificate 1959

But the jewels here are not mine. I am in debt to a YouTuber, DippityFish, for these two Super-8 movies. I just had to share them.

The first shows some Christmas scenes in Kingsford NSW c. 1959, a brief sequence of floods in Taree, and Sydney Harbour with the beginnings of the Sydney Opera House.

That’s a world I remember from age 15-16! The next is a couple of years later and shows the last tram in Anzac Parade Kingsford. I travelled so many times on these trams, quite possibly on that very one, and sometimes on this route on my way to a school friend in Kensington or another in Maroubra.

Thanks for posting them, DippityFish! 🙂