Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 12: Zeroing in

Today I decided to follow up on Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 11: Found!, which you should consult to make complete sense of this post. I took a walk over Lots 6 and 7, knowing there wouldn’t be much on the ground. But first a Google Earth image again:


I walked up Wentworth Avenue, around the blocks from Hunt Street back up Commonwealth (formerly Macquarie) Street, down Goulburn, and into Foy Lane.

This is what I saw.

dec04 001 dec04 002

Foy Lane

dec04 004

That is the Elizabeth Street frontage as it is now.

dec04 006

“Market Lane” has changed a bit! Wentworth Avenue.

dec04 005

A Sydney landmark for many years, this appears to be slap on part of Lot 6.

See also Signs of the time.

Original photos by Neil 4 December 2008.