Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 12: Zeroing in

Today I decided to follow up on Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 11: Found!, which you should consult to make complete sense of this post. I took a walk over Lots 6 and 7, knowing there wouldn’t be much on the ground. But first a Google Earth image again:


I walked up Wentworth Avenue, around the blocks from Hunt Street back up Commonwealth (formerly Macquarie) Street, down Goulburn, and into Foy Lane.

This is what I saw.

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My best original photo so far?

It’s a subjective thing. At the moment I am really taken with this one from the “summer light” series on my new photoblog.

dec03 022

Some would possibly opt for an older one:

 mon27 011

What do you think?

By the way, speaking of the new photoblog: that’s where you go now to see what you might call my casual visions emerging. Here the sets will be less for the pics own sake, but will usually serve a theme – a bit like the recent sets here. I’ll also do a few in the “top poems” series too, in the near future. There are only two this far, but they do get a lot of visitors.