Sights of old Sydney 4: Cleveland House, Surry Hills

AU45 Francis Howard Greenway (20 November 1777 – September 1837) was an iconic Australian colonial architect, or so Wikipedia (correctly) says. It is sad what happened to the great convict architect in later life, even if he may posthumously enjoy, as a one-time convicted forger, having once featured on the Australian ten dollar note.

There are apparently 49 of his buildings still standing in the greater Sydney area, Hyde Park Barracks and St James Church being but two of the most known.

Sadly, not all his work is so well preserved, notably Cleveland House in Surry Hills, whose history I detailed in James O’Brien on Surry Hills (August 2007). I have one picture here too on Surry Hills 5, where I mention it is possibly the oldest house still standing in Sydney. You may see it clearly marked on the map shown at Sights of old Sydney 2: Moore Park boundary post 1833.

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Here it is on the afternoon of 1 December 2008. I am so saddened that this lovely building is in such poor condition. See more over the fold.

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Original photos by Neil, 1 December 2008