Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 7: Hunt Street

hhmap Yes, Hunt – not Hunter! You may see where we are on the map on the right. I speculate that Wentworth Avenue (Market Lane) may have been on one side of the creek and Foster Street on the other. You will see that Hunt Street veers off from Campbell and descends to join Wentworth Avenue and Foster Street at the bottom of the incline.

Perhaps the best-know landmark is the Art Deco Hollywood Hotel, which has appeared in a number of television series and feature films. The licensee, Doris Goddard, has an interesting history herself.

Doris Goddard runs the Hollywood Hotel in inner city Sydney. As a young woman Doris left Australia for the U.K to become an actress. By the 1950’s Doris was working in movies with the likes of Bob Hope and Katharine Hepburn. On coming home, she took over the lease of the aptly named ‘Hollywood Hotel’ where she has continued to entertain the public with her songs and wit. The Hollywood Hotel is now a star in its own right – seen in Australian movies and television shows like ‘The Erskineville Kings’, ‘Tim’, ‘Blue Murder’ and ‘Brides of Christ’…

DORIS GODDARD, PUBLICAN: The licence goes back to 1879. And it was called the Nevada. In 1940, they decided to change the name from the Nevada to the Hotel Hollywood because their nearest big industry was the film industry just across the road. It’s a tradition in hotels that if it’s near a railway, they call it the Railway Hotel, if it’s near a cricket ground, they call it the Cricketers Arms, and that’s why it got the name Hollywood…

Hugh Jackman was here in ‘Erskineville Kings’. And I’ve seen him on television now, how well he’s doing. We’ve done so many movies because we’ve got these antique toilets downstairs, where if they need it to be in that particular period – they need a shot in the toilets – that’s where they come. ‘Blue Murder’ was made here, um, ‘Brides of Christ’, ‘Water Rats’, all the TV series. So many have been made here…

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I wonder if the “film industry just across the road” was Ken G Hall’s Cinesound?

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Next time, Wentworth Avenue and Elizabeth Street. Jacob’s hut can’t be far away.

Photos by Neil 19 November 2008