Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 5: Commonwealth Street

Walking as I am above where my ancestor Jacob’s hut may have been, I keep my eyes open to try to discern the natural topography of the place. Not so easy as we get nearer to Campbell Street, which I plan to walk down to its intersection with Elizabeth Street.

Still in Commonwealth Street, Macquarie Street in Jacob’s time…

wed19 007

… and at last getting to Campbell Street…

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Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 4: Commonwealth Street

Still moving down the former Macquarie Street South towards Campbell Street, and just below the top of the ridge where Crown and Riley Streets run, I encounter a pub I have not really noted before. As a reviewer notes: “Ask most Sydneysiders where the Royal Albert is, and you’ll probably get a blank look. It’s tucked away on Reservoir Street in one of Surrry Hills’ quieter areas. Once you’ve found it, though, you’ll be greeted by a slightly tatty, threadbare bar, usually fairly filled with local booze-hounds. It’s certainly a far cry from some stylebars nearby, but we’re strangely fond of it, as a representative of a thinning breed of Sydney Pubs, the corner local.” Another spin from a disgruntled customer: “…if you don’t live next door to the pub then you will be treated like shit by the 2 or 3 dumb f*ck locals who still think they’re in the early 20s hence why this place is f*cking always empty after 6pm.” Looked pleasant enough when I took this around 4.30 pm, but I’ve never been inside.

wed19 005

And some nearby houses…

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