Redfern Visions 37: around Waterloo — Philip Street to Raglan Street

The last Redfern post ended on yet another blue house. Here it is in wider context a few seconds later. The dog seems to know where to go next, as dogs do…

sun09 014

Now we go up the street the old man is walking towards…

sun09 015

On the right you will find a Renovator’s Delight has successfully sold…

sun09 016

… an airy Victorian workingman’s cottage, well ventilated, warmed by the rising sun… Needs TLC…

sun09 017

The street ends on a pink note.

— Original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008

4 thoughts on “Redfern Visions 37: around Waterloo — Philip Street to Raglan Street

  1. That’s good. Those towers in the background are quite atrocious! I can imagine the area had more charm back when it was an open horizon!

  2. You know what, Adrian, I hadn’t noticed that! Thanks.

    Yes, Kanani, any new structure or renovation would have to be harmonious.

  3. I love the old architecture. But what a contrast to the tall high rises behind! Just wondering, is there a historical preservation code in effect? Does whomever bought that airy workingman’s cottage have to renovate in the same style?

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