Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford

James O’Brien drew our attention to (of all things) the toilets in the new Beresford Hotel in Bourke Street Surry Hills. Well, having been there this afternoon – where I met up with James and The Other Andrew and a few others — I know what he means. As James says:

I’ve had a pee in some pretty unusal toilets and places in my life. I’ve used troughs, long-drops, unisex toilets, and every combination of sit down and standup facility you might imagine. But even I was surprised when I saw the urinal at the newly refurbished Beresford Hotel tonight.

At first I wasn’t sure if it actually was a urinal…

Even the entry sets the tone:

sun09 061

As you approach the pub from Oxford Street down Bourke, you note that it isn’t quite The Beresford we used to know (um) twenty years or so back, even if it still seems vaguely familiar…

sun09 058

The redevelopment has been going on so long we may have forgotten. But inside, what a transformation!

sun09 059

And the beer garden! Where did that come from?

sun09 060

Yes, I’ll be back – and when Sirdan gets back from Perth, where he goes next week, I’ll make sure we spend some time here…

Original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008

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