Chinatown 27: Central Station to Chinatown 4

There is now a large office complex on the block running from Barlow Street to Hay Street on Pitt Street, which aside from a number of government offices also hold the Zilver Chinese Restaurant. When it was built some heritage features were preserved.

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“1821: The Benevolent Society Asylum opened for the ‘poor, blind, aged and infirm’ at the Central Railway site.” The Benevolent Society still exists. “Since The Benevolent Society was established in 1813 we have been pioneering social change in response to community needs.” You will find some more early history here. “The Benevolent Society of New South Wales was originally known as the New South Wales Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Benevolence in these Territories and Neighbouring Islands. The original Society was founded by a group of evangelical Christians including Edward Smith Hall (1786–1860) in 1813. In 1818 the Society promoting Christian knowledge and Benevolence lapsed and the Benevolent Society was formed with Governor Macquarie as Patron.”


1841 map

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Chinatown 26: Central Station to Chinatown 3

Still there, even if dwarfed by its surroundings, is Christ Church St Laurence.

Christ Church St Laurence is an Anglican Parish in the Anglican Church of Australia. We are of the Anglo-Catholic tradition and are in Communion with Canterbury. We acknowledge and respect the historical role of the Archbishop of Canterbury within the Anglican Communion.

Now you will appreciate that as an ecclesiastical nose-thumb directed to St Andrews Cathedral further up George Street…

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