Redfern Visions 14: Guerilla Gardeners in South Dowling Street

On the border of Surry Hills and Redfern at the corner of South Dowling and Cleveland Streets there has lately appeared this example of public art and/or guerilla gardening.

Surry Hills side:

pm 020

Redfern side:

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Surry Hills 60: the view in 1930

This photo is from an online collection published by the City of Sydney.


Everything on the left of the railway is Surry Hills, but not all of Surry Hills. Note the line was under cover all the way to the underground entrance. That large pavilion in Prince Alfred Park is no longer there, the swimming pool replacing it. The tennis courts are still there.

The view on the other side of the line has Belmore Park in the foreground, the Chinatown area, and then beyond that Ultimo and Glebe on one side of Parramatta Road, Chippendale and Darlington on the other. On the top right is Victoria Park, the view stopping just short of Sydney University.