Surry Hills 29: Elizabeth Street 1

Motorists endure Elizabeth Street on the way to somewhere else; pedestrians play Russian roulette with the traffic. Neither see that the street has its beauty too.

elizabeth2 003

That car nosing into Elizabeth Street from Belvoir Street is entering one of the most dangerous intersections in this part of Sydney. Not only is it blind, but the traffic, in my opinion,  goes the wrong way…

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Surry Hills 28: just a walk around the block 5

Today our walk ends, taking you up Devonshire Street then up Clisdell Street. It will also be the last post, for now, to hold up to six big photos; after this there will be two, one above the fold and one below. I am considering your download time, not my space here — over 95% of the space WordPress offers for free is still available here. 🙂

tuesday 018

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