Surry Hills 23: just a walk around the block 1

When I was teaching photography at Wollongong High three decades ago I had the luxury of triple periods for the subject, so in between theory and practical lessons we would sometimes simply wander off  into Fairy Meadow and North Wollongong, just looking — and taking pictures. What we were looking for was light, as well as subjects to photograph. In fact photography is mostly about light. The word means “drawing with light” after all. Keep that in mind when you look at the next few sets here.

Another anecdote.

Some twelve years back I had a hernia operation which went just slightly wrong, so for a while I didn’t get about much. When finally I did, I made M question my sanity, as I came in burbling “It’s so beautiful!” I had been drinking in such things as the light in the trees, or down some alley, but had no camera then…

My walk this afternoon was just in this small part of Surry Hills. Locals can guess where each picture was taken; for the rest of you it doesn’t matter all that much.


Enjoy the five pics over the fold. They are about light, remember. I was didactic enough in the previous post… 😉

tuesday 028 tuesday 031

tuesday 030

tuesday 013

tuesday 024

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