Surry Hills 22 and Redfern Visions 13: it’s about change

I took this from Prince Alfred Park yesterday:

monday 016

That’s in Chalmers Street, Surry Hills. I am not sure what the story is, but it would appear someone wouldn’t sell… And then I began thinking about change. Certainly much of old Surry Hills has gone the way of all developers, but on the other hand thanks in part to some left wing trade unionists, among others, in the 1970s much of the inner city escaped. But change cannot be avoided. Consider the Cadigal, for example.


I should imagine were they to come back they would find the neighbourhood changed. Prince Alfred Park was, after all, an important meeting ground for them, or so I believe.

monday 013

monday 015

monday 014

And then, looking from the park in the 1880s towards Chippendale:

old 003

— original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008. Picture of Cadigal family from Marrickville Council site. Panorama from Prince Alfred Park from “South Sydney: Shaping the Future” by Judith Eland 1975.