Redfern Visions 12: public housing

redfernvisions 028

Far more Redfern people live like this, here or over towards the east in Waterloo, than live on the famous Block, and that includes many Indigenous Australians…

redfernvisions 029

redfernvisions 030 

— original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008

One thought on “Redfern Visions 12: public housing

  1. The block: famous or infamous? Not many people live there at all now, seeing as most of it has been demolished.

    I wouldn’t walk there now, but when I was first at university and returning from the music dept at the Seymour Centre to Redfern Station in my first year, I was quite happy to walk up [big] Eveleigh St. I guess both it and I have changed…

    Meanwhile, anyone in public housing, no matter how otherwise wretched, is a member of a kind of welfare aristocracy. The truly hard life (at least accommodation-wise) is for those who can’t even get a place at the caravan park any more.

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