Redfern Visions 9: Pitt Street to Redfern Street

I find this a rather beautiful part of Redfern. What do you think?

redfernvisions 011

Pitt Street looking west. These streets — Pitt, George and so on — are continuations of their namesakes in the Sydney CBD.

redfernvisions 012

Pitt Street, looking south towards Redfern Street. Four more pics to go…

redfernvisions 014

Quirk’s Grocery is one of Redfern’s many coffee shops; they sell great home-baked bread too.

redfernvisions 015

Wells Street leads back to Chalmers Street, which really ought to be Castlereagh Street if the naming was consistent.

redfernvisions 016

Redfern’s old Town Hall now houses the Redfern Legal Centre.

redfernvisions 017

Dr Jones’s surgery has been part of the Redfern scene for some years now. This is the “Redfern doc” I have sometimes referred to.

— original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008