Redfern Visions 7: Cleveland Street

Redfern begins on the southern side of Cleveland Street. Today I took a walk down Cleveland, then up Pitt Street, across to George Street, and down to the the public housing area at the foot of George. M and I lived in George Street from September 1990 for about a year. It was our first home, shared with two friends. Later I will show you the very house.

But today, just Cleveland.

redfernvisions 001

This shop fascinates me.

redfernvisions 002

Corner of Cleveland and Chalmers Streets.

redfernvisions 003

Redfern Mail Exchange and Strawberry Hills Post Office.

redfernvisions 004

Looking up Cleveland towards Chippendale.

redfernvisions 006

Corner of Cleveland and Pitt.

— original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008