Surry Hills 12: personal space

Thought you should see where these pictures come from — and I am a messy person, and I didn’t clean up specially for your visit either, I’m afraid. This is what my lair looked like on this day. 😉 This supplements Self-portrait?


My Toshiba and surrounding detritus.


Memories of February 13, 2008 — a great day for Australia!


The Mufti of Watson’s Bay gave me this screen for my 50th.


Pics of M before he came to Australia, and a weird music box/cigarette lighter given to me by a student from The Mine ten years ago.


My webbit, through which this post will be transmitted, guarded by an entombed warrior. On the right, one of M’s Everest pictures.


My grandfather’s bureau, now around 100 years old, has travelled with me all my life! And every one of those books on top is wonderful…