Surry Hills 11: hidden streets

Behind this…


… you can find two quaint streets, Bennett Street and McElhone Place. There sound, and time, seems to die away.

I lived in Bennett Street in 1987.


Bennett Street from the corner of South Dowling Street



The house with the green balcony is where I lived.


McElhone Place — no cars — is next street up. This is on the corner. Look into McElhone Place below:



— original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008

3 thoughts on “Surry Hills 11: hidden streets

  1. Yes, my next door neighbour (number 17) tells me that he was responsible for the alterations to their terrace about 18 years ago.

  2. Thanks, Brian. The spam catcher put your comment into limbo briefly…

    I believe actor Sam Neill once lived in Bennett Street also.

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