Towns I’ve stayed in 6 — Wellington NSW

locality map It’s been a while since I was there, but being a relative of two local families — the Wests and Pickfords — I stayed in Wellington on quite a number of occasions. It was there that I first saw Aboriginal people in any numbers too. It’s quite an old town, overshadowed now by the nearby city of Dubbo.

The second oldest town west of the Blue Mountains, it was first settled in 1823 and has an array of historic buildings and homes. It was the site of the first hotel west of the mountains and that establishment, licensed in 1842, is still operating today. Believe it or not, opposite that hotel is the site of the last known duel fought in Australia in 1854.


You will find a number of pictures of Wellington and surrounding areas on this site. Here is one, showing the very pretty park by the river:


That river is running a bit low compared with my memory of it…

And well before my time, but consistent with my old interest in steam locomotives, is a pic at least 100 years old of railwaymen in the local depot:

wellington depot