Redfern visions 3: plus part of Surry Hills

Here’s the overview:


1: Elizabeth Street Surry Hills


I realised that the fig tree in the front courtyard by the Juice and Java Bar is big, but just how big is almost scary. Note the overhang on Elizabeth Street! The white building top right is the Belvoir Theatre. The strange patterning on the tiles is the legacy of the big hail storm of 1999 which devastated almost every tiled roof in Surry Hills.

2. Little Eveleigh Street Redfern


Definitely close to transport! The vacant lot almost opposite the house where M and I lived 1991-1992 was the scene of regular local barbecues in those days. I wonder of it still is? It was actually a very neighbourly street and not nearly as rough as you may think…

3. South Sydney Uniting Church


The roof seems to be in pretty good condition! You may see behind the church and hall the community garden used especially by The Luncheon Club, a group which supports people living with HIV/AIDS.