Things noted, even in Cronulla, in 1969

Thinking about the previous post and my final year teaching at Cronulla High, we were noting:

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sydney hairaus69cvr

The last image is linked to a contemporary Daily Telegraph story. See also HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Original Australian Production, 1969-71. I seem to recall one Year 12 telling me how good he thought Hair was, and my being just a little disturbed by that at the time…

On the other side of Botany Bay Christo was wrapping things up at Little Bay. (Linked picture.)


Meanwhile at Sydney University:


Much more was happening there though than the completion after over 100 years of the main quadrangle at Sydney University.


See also Ian Granland, who was conscripted.


4 thoughts on “Things noted, even in Cronulla, in 1969

  1. What was their name? That was my mother’s high school, and I’d be interested to know (just to prove the small world theory!) if she was there at the same time. I suspect she was.

  2. No, but an old schoolmate from both Sutherland Primary and SBHS did for years; I taught four years at Cronulla, and prac taught at Gymea, Caringbah and Cronulla.

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