Shire childhood, adolescence and early adulthood 4: Cronulla 1961-1962, 1964-1969

In summary:

1961-1962 Nicholson Parade, CRONULLA
1964-1965 Franklin Road, CRONULLA
1965-1967 Gosport Street, CRONULLA
1967 Willarong Road, CARINGBAH
1968-1969 Woolooware Road, WOOLOOWARE

It would take too long to explain why the family moved so much! Add to that mix practice teaching at Cronulla High in 1965, and appointment there 1966-1969, after which my Shire life came to an end, though connections of course continued.



Cronulla in the early to mid 1960s — main street

 Beach Sth Cronulla

South Cronulla Beach looks much as it did, though there are new home unit blocks near the cliff.


The Bundeena ferry at Bundeena on Port Hacking. It had a habit of running aground on the sand banks that are obvious in the Google Earth image. Its route takes it across Port Hacking and into Gunnamatta Bay — Nicholson Parade adjoins the bay. It appears to be the same ferry as 40 years ago, but I may be wrong.

The two pictures above are from Shire Photo Gallery; the Bundeena pic is by Daniel Hutchings.

Marine artist Ron Scobie locates the following painting on Port Hacking. I include it because it reminds me of the house on Willarong Point. Not that we had a yacht, but there was a boat house at the bottom of the garden where I used to sit and read, and in the water just close to shore swim around with scuba and face mask seeing what was what… We rented the house for a year — house sitting really — and it was probably the most beautiful place we ever lived in The Shire. Oddly, Adrian Phoon hales from somewhere rather close…