Towns I’ve stayed in 4 — Trundle NSW

According to Wikipedia: Trundle is a small town in Parkes Shire in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. It had a population of 379 in 2006, including 23 indigenous people (4.5%) and 23 foreign-born people (5%).It lies in wheat-growing country and is on the Bogan Gate to Tottenham railway line, completed to Trundle in 1907.



It was over forty years ago I stayed there for a week: my first experience of western NSW.

I flew to Parkes and then caught the wheat train to Trundle via Bogan Gate. There was a passenger car on the back. It was a very slow train, taking almost all day to get to the end of the line. Just how slow you may see for yourself, though this one has no passenger car on the back…


Bogan Gate Station

I remember when I alighted at last at Trundle Station someone said: “Gawd! A passenger!”


Trundle boasts the widest main street in the west. A fellow teacher once said that “real” country service meant a town with pepper trees in the main street; well, there they are…

I did meet some fascinating people though, as the friend I was staying with, a student Presbyterian minister, visited his parish that extended out to Tottenham and Tullamore, not then featuring the shamrock sign: Tullamore — On the Bogan Way.



From Film Central NSW — linked to image.

Typical country out there; I was there in the height of a very hot summer, I should add.

On one such property my friend said, as we drove in looking at two buildings, one slightly more decrepit than the other: “Which one do you reckon is the house?” Turned out to be the more decrepit of the two… We were offered water which must have been 20% dust! “Tank’s a bit dry, I’m afraid…”

I did meet some amazing old people out there, all women incidentally, especially in Tullamore and Tottenham, including one old woman who was over 100 years old, and that was 40 years ago now; so there were memories going back well into the 1870s…