Surry Hills 5


Cleveland House, possibly the oldest house still standing in Sydney. The picture I borrowed some time back from James O’Brien, who has quite a few Surry Hills pictures on his blog. The picture link tells you more about the house and my connection to it, tenuous as it may be. 😉


From James also I borrow this picture of Little Oxford Street, a truly hidden street as James explains. He has begun a series on Surry Hills streets.

The building at the end is Ground Zero, Dr Cassy Workman’s practice which M and I have attended on occasions — in fact at various locations going back to 1990, even earlier in my case. Not that either of us is part of her core business…


Terraces in Riley Street not far from Devonshire Street. Been in one of those quite a few times as a friend of M’s lived there.

buckingham street

Not sure where I found this one, but it is Buckingham Street, not far from where I live. One terrace in Buckingham Street is cheekily named “Buckingham Palace”.


Cafe Niki in Bourke Street, one of the SBHS staff resting places. Part of this pic is the banner for New Lines from a Floating Life.


Unfortunately, by August 2008 Cafe Niki was closed…