Closely watched trains 5

There was a siding near my grandfather’s place in Sutherland, and every afternoon he would take a walk over there around 4pm because the Milk Train would be sitting waiting. My grandfather would climb through the fence and go over to the locomotive and talk to the driver and fireman. He had lived at Braefield near Quirindi and got to know railwaymen rather well. He enjoyed chatting to them. Sometimes I would go with him.

Most often the Milk Train was hauled by a C32 — the general work-horse from the late 19th century through to the end of the age of steam. Occasionally, though, it would be a C30T, converted into a tender-equipped 4-6-0 from its original configuration as C30, a tank engine used pre-electrification on suburban lines. A few C30s were still working into the early 1970s on small country tracks probably now shut down, in the main. The top picture is a C30T, and below a C30. Again the source is Preserved Steam Locomotives in NSW.


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