WordPress appreciation


Indeed I do…

 mattmullenweg And as an elderly blogger who began doing this In Another Place back in 2000-2001, I really can’t get my head around people like Matt Mullenweg (right), WordPress’s originator, who is younger than The Rabbit but older than Thomas. He seems to have been 19 when WordPress started.

Guess you could say he’s done rather more by the age of 24 than I ever did.

And there are now 2,754,210 blogs on WordPress.com with 114,420 new posts today…


I make a point over on New Lines from a Floating Life of having a fairly regular Meet a Blog theme, and just about all of them are ones that surface on the front page of WP when you log in.

I thought I would begin here to feature pictorial blogs especially.

Today’s also reminds us how blogging can pass through the filters governments of all persuasions like to put in place, subverting the narratives and demonisations we are otherwise subject to. But this is already too many words on a sans words blog! 😉

Here’s todays Meet a (Pictorial) Blog. All the images on this post are hyperlinked.